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Saturday Evening Pasta: Turkey Tetrazzini

I had two turkey thighs in the refrigerator that didn’t make it into our tiny turkey dinner, so I roasted them and made Turkey Tetrazzini. Turkey Tetrazzini is a classic post-Thanksgiving casserole, and I discovered there are an astonishing number of recipes for it online. Some credit chef Auguste Escoffier with its creation, others credit ...


Turkey Tetrazzini

This is one of my favorite ways to use up some turkey breast that needs using. The basic recipe is from Joy of Cooking, and I discovered it could have used some salt and a squeeze of lemon juice to finish the sauce, but other than that, it’s delicious and very comfort-food-decadent, especially when you ...


Turkey Soup

Of course, one of the reasons for preparing a turkey feast is for the leftovers. When you have turkey feast leftovers, it’s time to make turkey soup.


Open-Faced Turkey Sandwiches

This was a quick, easy dinner pulled together with some of the leftovers from the mid-winter turkey feast. I chopped up some light and dark turkey and simmered it in the pan sauce to warm it all through. I served it over some toasted bakery bread, with a bit of the coleslaw on top to ...


Mid-Winter Turkey Feast

It’s tradition around here that my mother-in-law cooks Thanksgiving dinner. She loves to do it, and she’s very good at it. It’s always bountiful and delicious. She also sends us home with some leftovers, which we love. But there is nothing like the heady aroma of a turkey roasting in the oven to make the ...


Yes, You Can Try This At Home!

First things first: GO BRUINS! Okay, so I had some crusty bread from the local bakery that didn’t get eaten as quickly as usual, so I cut it into 3/4″ cubes and put it in the freezer for “some future use”. I also had a large turkey breast (skin included) in the freezer from when ...