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But Enough About My Kitchen…News From The Perennial Plate!!

I’m so excited to have something to share with you that isn’t fraught with dust and disappointment! The Perennial Plate, that is, Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine, have a PBS show coming soon to your tv! This talented pair is creating a reboot of the old PBS series The Victory Garden, called “The Victory Garden’s ...


It’s Been A Touch Weird.

It’s been an emotionally draining couple of weeks here, with the tragedy in Boston, and The Husband’s work and travel schedule, so I have been struggling with what to write here. So, here’s a suggestion: go catch up on The Perennial Plate’s new videos! They have a few new ones up, and some exciting news-Daniel ...


Two Options- #perennialplate

The Perennial Plate | Adventures in Sustainable Eating has a new video up titled “Two Options”. It’s about farmers in India, their age-old practice of saving seeds, and two women reviving the practice, in response to the desperate choices farmers must make when they begin doing business with Monsanto. I’ll let the video speak for ...


Winter Is Coming

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the approaching blizzard, so instead of a marvelous post about my marvelous food, I bring you a couple of links. 1. The Perennial Plate cooking show! Yes, those krazy kids from Minnesota have a cooking show on YouTube. Go check them out here: The Perennial Plate In The Kitchen. ...


#perennialplate Needs Some Love!

Just a quick flyby to urge everyone to check out the latest video from Daniel and Mirra at The Perennial Plate. Their views counts are down and they could use some love! Plus the video is excellent, profiling a young farmer walking “The Middle Way” between two different food worlds in China. Go check it ...


You’ll want Chinese food after this… #perennialplate

Quick! The Perennial Plate has a new video up, this time from China! Your mouth will be watering by the end of it. Go take a peek: The Traveler’s Republic of Tofu Enjoy, and I’ll see you soon on the Road.


This Week’s Farm Finds

Wow, that week went by quickly! There was a lot of cooking, but no photos to show for it. However, I do have some photos of what I have been gathering from local farmers and vendors this week.