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CSA Shares #10 and #11, Tomatoes and Celebrations

It has been a whirlwind of activity here, and this post is really overdue. On to the food: Share #10, l to r: Kale, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, baby carrots, parsley, lettuce, tomatoes, chile peppers.


Creamy Summer Vegetable Soup

Soup is usually the last thing on my mind in the summertime, but we’ve had a preview of fall weather the last couple of weeks, and this soup really hit the spot. It is full of fresh summer flavor, with a creamy texture that brings some of that comfort-food feeling to the table, which is ...


Unbeatable Borscht!

See what I did there? Sorry if it was too cornball for you, but I couldn’t resist. I hated beets as a child, but only by proxy. You see, my mother detests beets. I’m not sure “detests” is a strong enough word to describe the way her whole face screws up in disgust just to ...


From The Freezer of Doom: Fabulous Chicken Stock

The first product from The Freezer of Doom was homemade chicken stock. All right, I know you’re thinking, dude, I don’t have time for that kind of homemakery-stepford-wifey-restaurant-chefy kind of work. But you do.


Transitional Vegetable-Bean Stew

So, I needed a dish that would solve a multitude of problems. 1) The Husband needed a soup/stew sort of thing to pack in his lunch this week. 2) There were all kinds of little bits, pieces, smatterings of vegetables around the house, that weren’t enough to do anything with by themselves. 3) I’m still ...


Tomato Soup 2.0

I have posted this recipe before (Real Soup is Good Food), but in that post I peeled and seeded the tomatoes. Today I used the food mill, for two reasons.


Hearty Ten-Vegetable Stew (America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School)

That’s a counterful of ingredients. This stew is really quite delicious, as well as completely vegetarian, and it makes a big pot, so it is worth all the chopping and mincing.