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Corn and Red Bean Soup

This recipe is inspired by a Choctaw recipe I found. It didn’t include bacon, but since it would have been available to the local population through trade with Europeans, I used it to impart some extra flavor and richness. It also didn’t include filé powder, but since the Choctaw taught their New Orleans neighbors how ...

Mid-Summer Extra-veg-anza!

You may have noticed the CSA shares have been quite bountiful the last few weeks. Quite Bountiful. In addition to all those lovely vegetables, there have been blueberries and corn piled high in the refrigerator. I am wicked grateful for all the abundance in my life. I am also responsible for being, well, responsible with ...

Ottolenghi’s Asparagus Vichyssoise

This soup challenged me to make it. It dared me. Don’t get me wrong, I do like asparagus, especially when it’s young and tender and lightly blanched. I also love, love, love roasted asparagus spears with salty, crispy prosciutto slices wrapped around them, but you know, it’s salty, crispy pork, how can it go wrong? ...


Bacon, Chocolate, Cupcakes, and a BLT FTW!

The Bacon Odyssey continues, courtesy of Food Network Magazine. These are bacon strips topped with four different spice-and-sweet mixtures: Maple-Chile, Pie Spice, Rosemary-Black Pepper, Cajun. They baked in the oven until they were well-browned and crispy. Well, some of them were really well-browned and really crispy. If you try this, keep a sharp eye on ...


Turkey Soup

Of course, one of the reasons for preparing a turkey feast is for the leftovers. When you have turkey feast leftovers, it’s time to make turkey soup.


Lentil Vegetable Soup and Pumpkin Cornbread

I haven’t forgotten that I promised a soup and cornbread post. Really, I haven’t. It’s the holiday season, you know. There are things to do, people to see, cookies to bake. You’re lucky I’m here right now. Heck, maybe I’m the only one here right now.



They’re ubiquitous during autumn; they’re almost a harbinger of autumn, as they start to appear in advertising, and seasonal displays in stores, long before you’d think of buying one, to carve for Halloween, or to roast for a pie for Thanksgiving. (I cannot be the only one that does this-it’s really easy, and so delicious.)