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CSA Share #12 – Pizza Sauce FTW (For The Winter)

If the share looks smaller to you, you’re right, it is, but that’s what happens as the season starts to wind down. I was very excited to see some more zucchini, and some bell peppers that have made it to the reddish-ripe stage; our growing season is often not long enough or hot enough for ...


Very Simple Curry Sauce – #JamieOliver

This is the Shrimp Vegetable Curry I made using Jamie Oliver’s Very Simple Curry Sauce. He’s not kidding; this curry sauce is so very simple, and fabulously delicious, and a totally accessible way to introduce your family to the flavors of curry.


Arugula Pesto recipe from food52

I volunteered to test this recipe for Arugula Pesto for the great website FOOD52, and they published my testing notes with the recipe at the link below: Arugula Pesto recipe from food52. Go check out the recipe, and the rest of the site, and congratulations, community member cristinasciarra at FOOD52, on a most tasty recipe, ...