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Summer Night Dinner Project: Cool Beans and Greens

During the summer, it seems the weekends are busier and full of fun, leaving little time for big dinner projects. It’s often the weeknights where some spare moments can be found in the kitchen, and dried beans are made for those moments. I have posted about dried beans before, mostly about how useful they are ...

Ottolenghi: Green Bean Salad with Mustard Seeds and Tarragon

These green beans, snow peas, and frozen green peas have been blanched, refreshed in ice water, dried, and gently tossed together in a large bowl. They are the vehicle for another fabulous flavor bomb from Ottolenghi’s Plenty.

Ottolenghi: Quinoa and Grilled Sourdough Salad

It’s funny that this salad’s name doesn’t include tomatoes, because their quality will make or break it, but it’s in the Tomatoes section of Plenty, so I guess that’s a hint.

CSA Share #10; Sooooo Much Cooking…Sooooo Much Dishwashing…Hey, Look, Dilly Bean Salad!

The share is leaning decidedly toward autumn this week. Contrary to popular belief, or conventional wisdom, or culturally passed on folklore, watermelon is not the quintessential summer fruit. It doesn’t even become available at farmstands and farmers’ markets in New England until late July/mid August. So for those of us in the northern US, watermelon ...

Mid-Summer Extra-veg-anza!

You may have noticed the CSA shares have been quite bountiful the last few weeks. Quite Bountiful. In addition to all those lovely vegetables, there have been blueberries and corn piled high in the refrigerator. I am wicked grateful for all the abundance in my life. I am also responsible for being, well, responsible with ...

Ottolenghi #2: Redefining My Comfort Zone, One Recipe at a Time

When I last blogged about Ottolenghi’s gorgeous ode to vegetables, Plenty, I shared his recipe for Asparagus Vichyssoise and the revelation it is. It completely transformed my opinions about asparagus and cold soups. Now I want to make everything into a Vichyssoise, just to see if I can.

CSA Share #4, Salads, and Strawberry Rhubarb Nonsense

As you can see, there’s a bit less green leafy here, as the cool weather greens make way for the warm weather lovers – squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers. There’s still lettuce coming, and kale, but the bags of baby greens are gone for now. In addition, there is basil, dill, scallions, and beet greens with ...