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But Enough About My Kitchen…News From The Perennial Plate!!

I’m so excited to have something to share with you that isn’t fraught with dust and disappointment! The Perennial Plate, that is, Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine, have a PBS show coming soon to your tv! This talented pair is creating a reboot of the old PBS series The Victory Garden, called “The Victory Garden’s ...


Transitional Vegetable-Bean Stew

So, I needed a dish that would solve a multitude of problems. 1) The Husband needed a soup/stew sort of thing to pack in his lunch this week. 2) There were all kinds of little bits, pieces, smatterings of vegetables around the house, that weren’t enough to do anything with by themselves. 3) I’m still ...


Tomato Soup 2.0

I have posted this recipe before (Real Soup is Good Food), but in that post I peeled and seeded the tomatoes. Today I used the food mill, for two reasons.


Hearty Ten-Vegetable Stew (America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School)

That’s a counterful of ingredients. This stew is really quite delicious, as well as completely vegetarian, and it makes a big pot, so it is worth all the chopping and mincing.


RFR Book Reviews

The Boy was home from school for almost a week with a bad cold, and I had this freakishly large knot in the muscles of my neck, making it impossible for me to turn my head, let alone cook interesting food. So I have been catching up on some food-related reading. It’s not what you ...