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Belong to a CSA? Get Plenty.

(Not a paid endorsement, merely a fervent testimonial) About this time every summer, I realize the vegetables I have been gathering so greedily, at the CSA and the Farmers’ Market, are going to rise up and overthrow my little food monarchy, and something must be done to reduce their numbers. In years past, I have ...

Make Your Recipes Work For You: Recipe-Hacking

Do you want to know one of my favorite tricks for cooking home-cooked meals regularly? Before I ever pick up a knife, or turn on the oven, I read the recipe. I know you have probably heard that advice before, and you’re nodding your heads, saying, yeah, yeah, how about something I haven’t heard! So, ...

Ottolenghi: Castelluccio Lentils with Tomatoes and Gorgonzola

In my exploration of the cookbook Plenty, I have been cooking the recipes that feature New England’s seasonal vegetables. What I have learned from this is a whole new definition of comfort food, one that doesn’t rely on lots of pasta or butter or cheese or bacon, or any of the other usual suspects. This ...

Ottolenghi: Shakshuka!

The name of this dish just sounds like there should be an exclamation point at the end of it – Shakshuka! Go ahead, say it out loud and you’ll see what I mean. It sounds like the name of a 1950’s jungle movie starring Ava Gardner and Clark Gable, full of exotic drama and adventure. ...

Ottolenghi: Eggplant with Buttermilk Sauce

This dish is featured on the cover of Plenty; my photos really don’t do it justice. It couldn’t be simpler to prepare, and it’s exactly as Ottolenghi describes it – rustically elegant. It looks special and exotic on the plate, but the flavors and textures are straight-up comfort food.

Ottolenghi: Green Bean Salad with Mustard Seeds and Tarragon

These green beans, snow peas, and frozen green peas have been blanched, refreshed in ice water, dried, and gently tossed together in a large bowl. They are the vehicle for another fabulous flavor bomb from Ottolenghi’s Plenty.

Ottolenghi: Quinoa and Grilled Sourdough Salad

It’s funny that this salad’s name doesn’t include tomatoes, because their quality will make or break it, but it’s in the Tomatoes section of Plenty, so I guess that’s a hint.