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Open-Faced Turkey Sandwiches

This was a quick, easy dinner pulled together with some of the leftovers from the mid-winter turkey feast. I chopped up some light and dark turkey and simmered it in the pan sauce to warm it all through. I served it over some toasted bakery bread, with a bit of the coleslaw on top to ...


Yes, You Can Try This At Home!

First things first: GO BRUINS! Okay, so I had some crusty bread from the local bakery that didn’t get eaten as quickly as usual, so I cut it into 3/4″ cubes and put it in the freezer for “some future use”. I also had a large turkey breast (skin included) in the freezer from when ...


The L-Word, or Foraging From The Fridge

So, I read a report this week about America’s food waste issue, and we do have an issue. Our food waste, from farm to fork, has gone up 50% since the 1970’s. More than 20 pounds of food per person, per month, goes uneaten for some reason. Some of that waste happens directly on the ...