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Pumpkin Custards

Those among you who are well-versed in pumpkin pies may have noticed that the little pumpkin tarts I made for Thanksgiving could not have possibly used the same amount of pumpkin pie filling as a customary pie. You would be correct. I stored the leftover unbaked pumpkin custard in the refrigerator, and baked it in ...

Left-Behind Leftovers Wrap-up

Vegetables were not the only things orphaned in the refrigerator while I cooked from the Cleanse menu. Potatoes and most dairy products were off for two weeks, as well as the ham steak I had to move to the freezer so it wouldn’t spoil. Ham, potatoes, and dairy products can only mean one thing. I ...

Left-Behind Vegetable Curry

One of the unintended consequences of following a menu plan laid out by someone else for two weeks, is a motley collection of ingredients that were already in your fridge and pantry before you started the menu plan. Ideally, I suppose one would use up what they had before beginning the menu plan. But this ...

Cleanse Leftovers: Salmon-Tuna Crostini

My quest to use up the leftovers from the Cleanse continues. Julia Child used to call it “feasting on the remains”. I love that.

The Cleanse, and The Clean-Out

Don’t let the title of this blog post frighten you; the clean-out involves only the refrigerator. The Cleanse is over, and the leftovers must be dealt with.

Leftover Makeover: Pulled Pork and Bean Burritos

I love burritos. They are an easy, quick, totally satisfying weeknight meal that you can fill with so many different ingredients; you can even eat them for breakfast or lunch. It’s all in the filling. If you cooked the latest Weekend Dinner Project, you have some splendid burrito filling just waiting for you to make ...

Leftover Makeovers: Creamed Chicken with Vegetables and Egg Noodles, Roasted Vegetable Soup

So, if you roasted two chickens, and your family is like mine, you have a lot of breast meat left over. Breast meat tends to become very dry when warmed up as is, but it’s great for shredding and saucing up, as I did here.