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Keep Calm and…Eat.

Deep into the third week of our kitchen renovation, we are only about halfway through. There have been challenges and setbacks and delays. There will be more challenges and setbacks and delays. This realization has me scrambling for new food ideas.


Once In A Lifetime

You may ask yourself What is that beautiful house?


Life Goes On, But I’m Itchy.

As you might have noticed, this is a food blog, and I am a food blogger. My welcome message is not an exaggeration; I live to cook. So, being without a kitchen to cook in is starting to make me itch.


Gone, Baby, Gone.

What’s behind Curtain Number 3? A lot less than there was two weeks ago, when you last heard from me. After two weeks of feverishly cooking the rest of the fresh vegetables, freezing whatever seemed microwavable, a wedding, a short getaway for the family, and the final emptying of cabinets and countertops, it has begun.

CSA Share #14: Adjusting Expectations

This share contained some vegetables I thought I would not see again until next year. Check out the perfect zucchini squash. We don’t usually see zucchini like this at this time of year. If there are zucchini, they are the giant squash that time forgot, best used in breads and muffins, or roasted with a ...

CSA Share #13 – Emptying Boxes, Filling Boxes, Boxes of Boxes

It’s officially fall, according to the calendar, and the share definitely reflects that, with the spaghetti and butternut squashes, onions, and potatoes. Although the baby greens, bell peppers, and radishes seem to say summer, they really are signs of the end of the growing season, with its cooler nights and shorter days. I brought home ...