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Rhubarb and Strawberries

Rhubarb and strawberries are soulmates, and they’re in season right now in New England. Both of their seasons are short, so don’t wait. Get out there and get yours. Strawberries that are local and in season taste nothing like their flavor-pale cousins shipped into your grocery store at all times of the year. Local strawberries ...


Persephone Days

One of my seasonal growing/eating inspirations, Eliot Coleman, calls the weeks surrounding the winter solstice the “Persephone Months”. He’s describing a time of year when the sun’s path is so low that it doesn’t heat up his cold frames enough for growth to continue; the crops sit waiting to be harvested, perfectly protected and preserved ...


Week 1-CSA Pick ups have begun!

This week’s share of produce was understandably small, considering how early it is in the growing season here in NH. We received 1 1/2 lbs swiss chard, 1/2 lb salad mix, 1/2 lb mesclun, 1/2 lb arugula, 10 radishes (3 different kinds; even white ones), and herbs (parsley, mint, rosemary, basil). Peas will be next ...