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A Family Effort

Whoa, where did that week go? Well, actually, I’ll tell you where it went-into a lot of pet care and maintenance, that’s where. Nothing terribly serious, but let’s just say the pets made a lot of extra laundry this week. You really don’t want to know (and if you have pets, you already have an ...


Unbeatable Borscht!

See what I did there? Sorry if it was too cornball for you, but I couldn’t resist. I hated beets as a child, but only by proxy. You see, my mother detests beets. I’m not sure “detests” is a strong enough word to describe the way her whole face screws up in disgust just to ...

Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto

But first, as promised, photos of fabulous food!


Didn’t We Just Do This?

There is an uncomfortable feeling of deja vu in the air, as we wait for the approaching Sandy. We are all ready, and officially hunkered down for the next day or two. Those of you who live further south along the East Coast, in Sandy’s direct path, stay safe, and I’ll be thinking about you. ...