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The Incredible Edible Kick In The Ass

First things first: Woo Hoo! Tonight the Bruins begin the final stage of their quest for the Stanley Cup, against the Chicago Blackhawks. 12 wins so far, 12 bottles. Hey, It’s June 12th-kismet! So, as you may know, I’m taking cooking courses online through America’s Test Kitchen. I’ve been at it for over a year ...


Farm Finds of the Week

During the height of the growing season, abundant fruits and vegetables take center stage. But local farmers and food producers have much more to offer than fruits and vegetables, much of it available year-round or close to it. I do not always mention that besides produce, I am able to get milk, half and half, ...


#CookForJulia French Bread In Real Time Pt. 2

I conscripted The Boy to take photos (he was easily bought with tiny lumps of raw bread dough-I must be doing something right). So the next step after the first rise is to deflate, or “punch down” in old-timey terms. You don’t so much punch it as flatten and fold it.


RFR Book Reviews

The Boy was home from school for almost a week with a bad cold, and I had this freakishly large knot in the muscles of my neck, making it impossible for me to turn my head, let alone cook interesting food. So I have been catching up on some food-related reading. It’s not what you ...