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Sponge Cake Roulade with Blood Orange Curd Filling and Syrup

Now that’s what I’m Talking About. In case you were wondering what I did with the Blood Orange Curd, I filled a sponge cake roulade with it. It needed a sauce, so I used up the remaining blood oranges, with some sugar, to make a syrup. The Husband came up with this idea. He’s becoming ...


Blood Orange Curd

As you may recall, I was very excited about making blood orange curd. I envisioned a reddish spread I could put on toast in the morning, or maybe between some cake layers. My hopes began to waver when I thought about it a bit more; simple color theory contradicted my idea of what color the ...


Blood Orange-Avocado Salad with Poached Egg

Simple and well-balanced, this salad really hit the spot for lunch the other day.


Mid-Winter Turkey Feast

It’s tradition around here that my mother-in-law cooks Thanksgiving dinner. She loves to do it, and she’s very good at it. It’s always bountiful and delicious. She also sends us home with some leftovers, which we love. But there is nothing like the heady aroma of a turkey roasting in the oven to make the ...


Blood Oranges

It’s just about the dead middle of winter, and I need to liven things up here. Citrus is in season right now, and the light, bright colors, fragrances and flavors of citrus fruits are just what I’m looking for to pick up my mood.