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Weekend Dinner Project: Pulled Pork and Pinto Bean Soup/Stew/Chili?

This Weekend Dinner Project took a couple of tries, to make sure I got it right, and of course in between lots of LIFE happened, so it’s taken me longer to get it up here. Then there was the quandary of what to call it; is it soup, stew, or chili? (Stoup is not on ...

Weekend Dinner Project: Sausage Bean Vegetable Soup

While winter is finally over, there are still plenty of chilly spring nights ahead, perfect for cooking big pots of warm, comforting soup. This soup is a great weekend dinner project, using dried beans, Italian sausage, and lots of fresh vegetables to build in rich flavor and hearty texture.


Pancetta: It’s Like Bacon, But Not.

The Food Network really knows how to sell a magazine: make it all about BACON, and then have it reach newstands and grocery stores at the end of February, when we’re all sick of winter and dying for something more exciting than snow and ice, and therefore are extremely vulnerable to the power of suggestion. ...


The Incredible Edible Kick In The Ass

First things first: Woo Hoo! Tonight the Bruins begin the final stage of their quest for the Stanley Cup, against the Chicago Blackhawks. 12 wins so far, 12 bottles. Hey, It’s June 12th-kismet! So, as you may know, I’m taking cooking courses online through America’s Test Kitchen. I’ve been at it for over a year ...


Transitional Vegetable-Bean Stew

So, I needed a dish that would solve a multitude of problems. 1) The Husband needed a soup/stew sort of thing to pack in his lunch this week. 2) There were all kinds of little bits, pieces, smatterings of vegetables around the house, that weren’t enough to do anything with by themselves. 3) I’m still ...


Hearty Ten-Vegetable Stew (America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School)

That’s a counterful of ingredients. This stew is really quite delicious, as well as completely vegetarian, and it makes a big pot, so it is worth all the chopping and mincing.