I Can’t Believe I Stopped Eating Butter!

Aaaannd…we’re back. I have an experiment for you to try at home. I tried it and was quite surprised at the result. We have been consumers of a particular “buttery spread” that gives the impression of being real food because it is “made with yogurt”. It’s also made with partially hydrogenated soybean oil, mono and ...


What Makes Food Real?

Remember the Velveteen Rabbit? The Velveteen Rabbit was looked down upon by the other fancier, more modern toys, that believed they were “real”. He was seen as shabby and “not real” because he was a simple, old-fashioned toy.  But the old Skin Horse shared his wisdom with the VR, telling him the real secret to ...


Beginning at the Beginning

My family has been eating mostly real, local food, since 2003. The beginning was before that, though, in 2000 when, for health reasons, both my husband and I had to significantly change our diets. That, and knowing everything I ate would somehow affect the breast milk my son was living on at the time, threw ...

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