From The Freezer of Doom: Fabulous Chicken Stock

The first product from The Freezer of Doom was homemade chicken stock. All right, I know you’re thinking, dude, I don’t have time for that kind of homemakery-stepford-wifey-restaurant-chefy kind of work. But you do.


The Freezer of Doom

My freezer is one of the most useful and important tools I have when it comes to eating seasonally. Almost anything that looks like it’s going to go south before I can get to cooking it, can be frozen in some form, pretty quickly and easily, and having a freezer full of little treasures is ...


Farm Finds of the Week

During the height of the growing season, abundant fruits and vegetables take center stage. But local farmers and food producers have much more to offer than fruits and vegetables, much of it available year-round or close to it. I do not always mention that besides produce, I am able to get milk, half and half, ...


Chef Marcus Samuelsson talks about How Kids View “Healthy” Foods

Here’s a link to a great read from Chef Marcus Samuelsson: Notes From LinkedIN: X-Ray Vision Carrots & Changing the Way Our Children Eat « Chef Marcus Samuelsson. He discusses the idea that the way we talk about food with our children can influence whether or not they will be interested in eating it. In ...


This Week’s Farm Finds

Wow, that week went by quickly! There was a lot of cooking, but no photos to show for it. However, I do have some photos of what I have been gathering from local farmers and vendors this week.


Arugula Pesto recipe from food52

I volunteered to test this recipe for Arugula Pesto for the great website FOOD52, and they published my testing notes with the recipe at the link below: Arugula Pesto recipe from food52. Go check out the recipe, and the rest of the site, and congratulations, community member cristinasciarra at FOOD52, on a most tasty recipe, ...


Eggplant Chips with Chile Peppers and Garlic Mayonnaise

Oh, man, you are lucky there is even a photograph of these. I made them for lunch yesterday for The Husband and myself (he was lucky he was working from home, or he would have totally missed these), and they disappeared in a flash, no pun intended. These are so easy, and so addictive. They ...

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