A Hoppin’ Happy New Year To You!

(Edited to clarify when the peas go into the dish-doh!) Hoppin’ John is traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day in the Southern U.S., for good luck. The black-eyed peas are symbolic of coins or pennies, so represent prosperity. We are not Southern, but the whole family loves this dish, New Year’s or not. It makes ...


Just In Time For The Holidays!

Well, not really, actually this is a poster from the US Dept. of Agriculture, from the 1940’s (link here), with the “Basic 7” food groups, one of which is BUTTER. Plus, check out the encouragement to “eat any other foods you want” at the bottom of the poster. This is a nutrition plan I can ...


You’ll want Chinese food after this… #perennialplate

Quick! The Perennial Plate has a new video up, this time from China! Your mouth will be watering by the end of it. Go take a peek: The Traveler’s Republic of Tofu Enjoy, and I’ll see you soon on the Road.


Sauteed Rice with Leeks

You know, I think leeks are magic. Everything is better with leeks. The humble potato meets up with leeks in Julia’s Potage Parmentier, and they become a soup that you want to share with everyone and no one all at the same time. They are a depth-adding member of a fall/winter vegetable soup. They are ...


Very Simple Curry Sauce – #JamieOliver

This is the Shrimp Vegetable Curry I made using Jamie Oliver’s Very Simple Curry Sauce. He’s not kidding; this curry sauce is so very simple, and fabulously delicious, and a totally accessible way to introduce your family to the flavors of curry.

Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto

But first, as promised, photos of fabulous food!


This Week’s Menu, AKA K.I.S.S.

So, this week’s menu features meals designed to a) use up leftovers in the refrigerator; b) use up some of the ingredients that have been in my pantry for a while; c) Keep It Simple Sweetie, while we continue adjusting to our status as returning homeschoolers. On that note, let’s just say there can be ...

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