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New Year, New Focus

You’ll notice some changes around here. It is no longer possible for me to write about food in the same way I have been. There are so many reasons for that, too many to share here, and really, that’s not the point. What I can say with certainty, is that what people eat is not ...


I’d like to introduce to you…Luna.

Recipes will be forthcoming. As soon as I get some sleep. And get some real food in the house. And get some sleep.


Bye Steve.

And thanks. For all of…this.


Oh Boy Is This My New Favorite Link

I am completely in love with The Perennial Plate. Go there now. You will find Episode 68 on the Home page, but go back to the beginning by clicking on “Episodes” in the top right corner. Some of the videos do involve some butchering, so if you are maybe squeamish, you can skip them without ...


Getting Ready

The last week has been a getting-ready week. There is a pile of brand-new notebooks, pencils, pens, paper, crayons, and folders on the dining room table, awaiting the first day of school for The Boy at the STEM charter school. There is sugar, butter, flour, food coloring, and fondant in the kitchen, and chicken in ...


Random Friday Mini-Rants

1. My 18-month old stovetop is only half functional; after the failure of a tiny resistor on a circuit board (twice-the replacement board also failed 10 days after being installed), the repairman is doing some research on the problem. Haven’t heard back yet, maybe by Monday. GE Profile electric glasstop range, fyi. Can still cook ...


And……We’re Back.

So, we’re still here, on Real Food Road. The Road has been particularly twisty-turny lately, requiring both hands firmly on the wheel. There have been many changes in our life, so it is only right that those changes are reflected in this blog. Rather than blog separately about real food, family news and adventures, and ...


Back in the Saddle

Well. After a three month hiatus, what can I do, but soldier on. Next week is our first pickup of the season at our CSA. That seems like a great place to get back on the Real Food Road, because there is no food more real than food that was in the ground an hour ...


The End of Overeating: Introduction

At long last, I have begun reading the book, “The End of Overeating.”, by David A. Kessler, M.D. The subtitle is “Taking control of the insatiable American appetite”. Sounds good-let’s get started. David A. Kessler bio info (click here to visit his Wikipedia page) In the introduction, Dr. Kessler introduces us to a number of ...


A Couple of Must-Read Links

Finally, in the midst of holiday preparations, I have had a chance to head over to La Vida Locavore, and Jill has posted some news that I must share with all of you. First of all, as my hubby and I have hypothesized, there has finally been a link discovered between HFCS and diabetes in ...