Farmers’ Market/CSA Report #15, September 2017

I was feeling a powerful “bring the harvest home” vibe last week, with the Fall Equinox tickling the hairs on the back of my neck. My farmers’ market purchases reflect that.


Some of my purchases were meant to be enjoyed right away, but some were bought specifically because they will keep for a while, to be enjoyed later. The beets are down in the basement, where they will be fine in cold storage (aka basement refrigerator drawer) for a couple months. I bought more ground cherries, and have put those in the freezer. The frozen meats went into the freezer as well, for future dinners. While I did not need to buy granola, I did anyway, to have a backup bag. The long red peppers are cayenne, and they are hanging to dry so I can grind my own cayenne pepper (very carefully).

Still feeling the end of the season, the itch not scratched, I then continued on to a couple of farmstands, and picked up a dozen ears of corn, and bags of poblano peppers, nectarines, and peaches. The peaches are in the freezer, the corn in the fridge, the poblanos roasted, peeled, stuffed with cheese, and frozen for later transformation into chile rellanos.

On the third day of sweltering heat and drenching humidity last week, I went to pick up the last CSA share of the season, and spent as long as I could stand out in the open garden. I managed to hit my one-bag limit before the terribly unseasonable weather chased me back into the farmstand for some shade, and a couple dozen eggs.


The regular share was the squashes, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, and green tomatoes. My gleaning from the open garden yielded one last watermelon, some beautiful leeks, a bunch of baby beets, a bunch of kale, some more red bell peppers and poblanos, and a pile of cherry tomatoes and hot chile peppers of various varieties and heat levels. Most of this will keep for a long time, if stored properly, and extend our local food consumption for months.

Today is chilly, dark, and damp. There is a frost advisory posted for us overnight tonight. I’m feeling the change of seasons in my bones, in my mood, and in my kitchen.

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