Farmers’ Market/CSA Reports #11 & #12, August/September 2017

This week’s double report is brought to you by my complete preoccupation with making this happen:



In the planning and execution of The Boy’s 17th birthday dinner and cake, I completely forgot to post that week’s report. But it was worth it.


Here are the farmers’ market acquisitions from two weeks ago. Those peaches were so full of summer sweetness, excellent in an unconventional tomato-peach salad with a touch of mint. The Greek lamb sausage was surprisingly lean and so flavorful, perfect with the eggplant in the CSA share. The goat stew meat is in the freezer awaiting instructions, and the donuts and raspberries are of course long gone.


Last week’s CSA share included watermelon, a sure sign that the growing season is almost over. Watermelon is not so much a summer fruit this far north, more like late summer-early fall. That giant tomato is a German heirloom tomato, and I plan on using it, many of its friends, and the red and yellow peppers in a big batch of shakshuka, which will be perfect for freezing for later.

I did not visit the farmers’ market this week; an elderly friend of mine passed away recently after a short illness, and her memorial was Saturday morning. It was comforting to be with friends that morning, to celebrate her life and share our memories of her. Saturday afternoon was spent baking a rainbow.

This week’s CSA share had a couple little surprises, along with the usual favorites.


Baby turnips are a new item at the CSA, as is the little speckled melon at the top. I did not expect to see yellow squash, so that was another welcome surprise. The tomatoes are really coming in now, and that means a batch of freezer tomato soup as well as another batch of salsa can be made along with that shakshuka. I love, love, love the large black and red cherry tomatoes. Those are going to be so striking in a bowl of pasta, maybe with some mussels or shrimp, garlic, and olive oil. The arrival of spaghetti squash is another signal that fall is on its way. It will keep a long time in the basement where it’s cool and dry, and we can eat it later on, after our CSA season has ended.

I cannot wrap up this report without mentioning Texas and Hurricane Harvey. The people affected by this disaster need so much help in the weeks and months ahead. Consider finding some local charities in Texas and Louisiana to donate some much-needed cash, or go to Amazon and search for wish lists of organizations there. There is another monster hurricane on the way as well. Keep your eye on it, and help where and how you can. There are going to be a lot of people who need it after the storms have passed. Be someone’s rainbow.

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