Twitter Feed Bag: Week of June 26, 2017

This Twitter Feed Bag actually covers two weeks, beginning with some of the biggest news in the organic/natural food world, and some analysis of what that might mean to consumers, farmers, and small food producers.

  1. The announcement of Amazon’s offer to purchase Whole Foods on June 16 caused quite a buzz in the food world. Stock prices of grocery stores across the country dropped. Alice Waters wrote Jeff Bezos an open letter, encouraging him to use the mighty distribution power of Amazon to “change our food system overnight”. But the most transformational idea came from John Foraker, President of Annie’s Inc. Foraker challenged Bezos to change the landscape of food availability in the U.S. by ending the existence of “food deserts”. Food deserts are a complex societal/economic problem, and Foraker goes into great detail about ideas he and others have about tackling this issue. For more on what this deal may mean for Amazon, Whole Foods, and all the rest of us, here are some links:

Civil Eats – “Will the Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Mean Better Food For All?”

Food+Tech Connect – Whole Foods acquisition coverage

More links to come as the deal is finalized, and it is revealed what Amazon’s intentions are…

NPR’s The Salt is calling for food memories in the form of images and stories for #NPRHotPot. Click the link for the details. Sharing food and stories brings people together and fosters understanding between cultures. You want to be a part of that; I know I do. The deadline is August 1.

In 2012, ABC News brought Lean Finely Textured Beef, a.k.a “pink slime”, to our attention. Well, Beef Products, Inc. sued them for defamation and damages, due to lost business which resulted in the closure of three processing plants and layoffs, and that trial arrived in court earlier this month. A settlement was announced this week. If you don’t recall all the sordid details, the Wikipedia article is pretty good for that.

If you have received a bounteous mound of salad greens in your CSA share, as we did, or if you have trouble keeping the leafy greens you purchase in tip-top condition before you can eat them, here is a link for you, at the Ecocentric Blog. The post features an extensive list of greens, what order to eat them in so you don’t end up tossing them on the compost pile (or in the garbage), and things you can do with them besides salads. I’m sure I will be revisiting this link myself a few times this summer.

That’s probably enough surfing for you for a week. Have a lovely Independence Day with people you love, and food you love, in this country we love.


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