Twitter Feed Bag: Week of April 9, 2017

You may have discovered my Twitter feed on the right hand side of the page here, or you may not have. That’s where you can find out what tweets I’ve liked and replied to recently. I thought I’d boost the signal on some of the food-related stories that have come across my feed, stories I found worth the time to read and think about.

1. FIRST THINGS FIRST! Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine of The Perennial Plate have a Kickstarter they need funded. They are planning to take some time away from their films about sustainable food to make some short films about immigrants and refugees and their family dinners. The Kickstarter funding will pay for getting the films made and seen by as many people as possible. Daniel has posted further explanation at this link: Resistance Through Storytelling. They have 12 days to finish funding this, and I believe it is important that they get the support they need to make these films. Consider sliding them some cash. It will be well-spent. If you want to see their work, go to The Perennial Plate.

2. Meet Hansel Kern, a farmer in rural California working to provide fresh food choices, and hope, for the town of North Fork. (Source: Los Angeles Times)

3. The GIPSA rules, created to protect small livestock farmers from abusive and unfair practices by corporate meat packers, have been delayed, watered down, and delayed again. Supporting local meat producers has to mean more than simply buying their products, it also has to mean staying on top of Washington to get these rules in place in their original form. While all our focus lately is on the need to be allies of vulnerable groups like people of color and LBGTQ, it seems the small farmers of America could use some allies, too. To understand what’s going on here, read this link at Civil Eats, and follow the links in the article.

4. Meet culinary superhero Massimo Bottura. Yes, I’m fangirling a lot, because the way this chef sees his role in the world of food and people who need to eat it is inspiring and groundbreaking. Read the article, visit the website for Food for Soul, and if you subscribe to Netflix, watch the episode featuring Bottura in season 1 of Chef’s Table. (Source: Saveur)

There, that should keep you busy, and get you thinking. I’ll strap on the Twitter Feed Bag again next week. Go buy some veg.

Comments? Thoughts? Share them here.

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