Saturday Evening Pasta: Shrimp Stir-Fry with Pumpkin Noodles


At this time of year, it’s always tempting to run just one more errand, stop at just one more store to find just one more little gift or decoration. But today was a snowy day, best spent at home off of the roads. It was a pajama day, a perfect day to focus on home and family. I baked the first of three holiday cookie recipes, began decorating my miniatures dollhouse for the season, and tidied up my sewing room to get ready for the next cosplay costume construction for The Boy. When it came to making dinner, I was looking for quick and simple. Knowing there was shrimp in the freezer, and some vegetables in the fridge, I decided on a stir-fry with noodles.

If you want to start the new year with an adventure, find your nearest Asian food market. There are so many unusual sauces, seasonings, and ingredients at Asian food markets, things you will not find in your usual grocery store. Our Asian market has an entire aisle with just noodles. Dozens of kinds of noodles. I am a complete sucker for an unusual noodle, and I always come home with two or three new types each time I shop there.

I could not resist these pumpkin noodles. They cook up in 5 minutes and have a subtle flavor of pumpkin or butternut squash. They made a great base for the shrimp and vegetable stir-fry, with a little improvised peanut sauce flavored with sherry, fish sauce, and chunky peanut butter. Dinner was well-received by both The Husband and The Boy, as were the cookies, warm from the oven when they came in from their snow removal duties.

Tomorrow should be okay for driving, so I will be headed to the grocery store one more time, to make sure I have all the necessary items to make our holiday meal. But for today, everything I needed was right here at home.

  1. What is the name brand of the pumkin noodles? Please?



    1. I’m sorry, I don’t know! The packaging is not printed with much English, so I can’t read it. I can try and find out. Thanks for reading my blog!



    2. Here’s a link to the shop where I bought them. They are Wu-Mu Brand.



  2. Thanks a million!..I love the noodles!!



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