PSA: Cuisinart Food Processor Blade Recall


Just in time for the holidays, and all that extra use your food processor was going to get, Cuisinart has issued a voluntary recall of a specific type of processor blade that will affect millions of cooks. I checked mine, and indeed, it’s on the list, so until I receive my replacement blade, my food processor is on vacation.

I bought my Cuisinart just a few years ago, based on a recommendation from America’s Test Kitchen. I make this point not because I think they are to blame in any way, but because I am sure many, many, many people bought the same food processor for the same reason. So this is a big deal.

The recall information is here. It affects all Cuisinart food processors with a 4-riveted metal blade with a beige center core, made or bought from 1996-2015. Yes, those dates are correct. That’s approximately 8 million food processors. So, if you have a Cuisinart food processor, don’t wait, before you use it even one more time, check with the website to see if it’s under this recall. It is that urgent, because the reports are that the blades are cracking, and leaving metal bits in the food that is processed. Yum.


See the cracks? We are pretty lucky, it seems, that we have not found any metal in our food yet.

Here’s the link directly to the recall information on Cuisinart’s website. Click it, and wait, because the site is slammed, and it will take a bit for it to load. Follow the instructions to check and register your blade, to receive a replacement, or call them at the phone number listed there. I did it all online and it was very easy and didn’t take long.

8 million food processors is a lot of food processors. If you own a Cuisinart food processor, you are probably affected by this recall. Do not ignore it.

  1. Yikes. Thank you very much for writing about this, I hadn’t heard a word. My food processor was just used to help prepare 1,000 free meals on Thanksgiving day. AND I used it last night to shred a head of cauliflower to make a non-grain pizza. The blade looks intact, but I can just imagine the harm it could have caused.

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    1. I’m so glad to be helpful! It’s distressing to imagine hurting the very people you’re trying to give love to. Have a lovely holiday. :)



  2. THANK YOU! My new blade is on the way. I might never have known if you hadn’t posted this.

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    1. Glad to get the word out!



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