Comfort Food Sunday: KISS Edition

Nope, sorry, not that KISS.

Now that I am focusing my attention on the holiday tomfoolery here in the house, sometimes dinner is somewhat informal. The desire to deck our halls and follow our passions often results in The Boy hungry, well, always, me hungry in the early evening because I forgot to have a snack, and The Husband in the basement on his cycling trainer until well past “dinner time”. Each of the three of us end up dining whenever, wherever, and on whatever is closest to hand and easiest to prepare.


Tonight’s menu:

Frozen taquitos (requested by The Boy)

Hot dogs (two brands, because I want to do a taste test)

Chili (from a can, because sometimes that is what you want on your chili dog and chili fries)

Green beans (from a can, because they’re not in season here, and we like them)

Frozen steak fries (I did mention chili, right?)

There is a time and a place for kitchen shortcuts, and the holidays is absolutely one of them. In the next two weeks, in this house, there will be three kinds of homemade cookies, my mother’s fudge, and a holiday dinner to beat the band. Between now and then, there is still decorating and shopping to do, appointments to keep, and packages to ship. You can bet your jingle bells I’m going to Keep It Simple, Sweetie, any place I can.

The best part about keeping it simple where you can, is saving enough of yourself to stay connected to the people you’re so busy making a holiday for. If I serve frozen canned whatever, I have time to sit down with The Boy and see what his latest gaming conquests are, and am not too exhausted to sit with The Husband at the end of the day with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn.

The three of us have been through some tough holidays, times it was unclear what the hell it was all for, and if it was all worth it. We learned many parts of the holiday hurricane are not worth it, as far as we are concerned. Keeping it simple keeps us sane, and keeps us happy, and that is what keeps us together.

  1. Nothing wrong with canned chili (I’m partial to Wolf brand). I would like to know more about the hot dog taste test.



    1. We like Hormel without beans for hot dogs, but that’s mostly because I grew up eating it. I may have to find Wolf and do a chili taste test. The hot dogs tasted were Hebrew National Beef Franks and Oscar Mayer Selects Angus Beef Franks. The Husband and I both liked the Hebrew National better, with no opinion expressed by The Boy. :)



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