Saturday Evening Pasta: Turkey Tetrazzini

I had two turkey thighs in the refrigerator that didn’t make it into our tiny turkey dinner, so I roasted them and made Turkey Tetrazzini.


Turkey Tetrazzini is a classic post-Thanksgiving casserole, and I discovered there are an astonishing number of recipes for it online. Some credit chef Auguste Escoffier with its creation, others credit chef Ernest Arbogast, but it is agreed the dish is named after Italian opera singer Luisa Tetrazzini, and although it sounds Italian, it was created, circa 1909, in America.

My favorite tetrazzini recipe is from The Joy of Cooking, and keeps the dish pretty simple, with mushrooms, turkey, almonds, and parmesan cheese. I made mine with chicken broth and milk, but it can be made even easier by using canned cream of mushroom soup. When I did my Google search, I saw versions with more vegetables added, with different nuts, and different cheeses. It can also be made with linguine or egg noodles, and garnished with parsley.

I have blogged about this recipe before. I took the recipe a bit over the top then, but this time I kept it simple and straightforward, comfort food 101.

I bet you have some leftover turkey hanging around in your refrigerator. Find a tetrazzini recipe that suits you, and cook up some comfort.

Comments? Thoughts? Share them here.

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