Introvert’s Thanksgiving

1. Wake up, stretch, put on bathrobe, go downstairs to kitchen.

2. Start coffeemaker. Pet dog. Take dog outside.

3. Bring dog inside. Pet dog. Feed dog. Write a few pages in journal. Pour yourself a cup of coffee.

4. Check email, Twitter, and Facebook. Warm up your coffee.

5. Have toast and a banana for breakfast.

6. Kiss Husband who has wandered downstairs. Pet dog. Warm up your coffee.

7. Start on dessert for your tiny turkey dinner.

8. Fiddle around with some unfamiliar ingredients, to see if they will do what you want them to do.

9. Find out some of your ideas work, and some are rubbish. Go to Plan B, which is guaranteed to work. Warm up your coffee.

10. Kiss Husband on his way down to his workshop in the basement. Pet dog.

11. Put tonight’s dessert in the oven. Check Twitter and Facebook. Delete Black Friday emails.

12. Take tonight’s dessert out of the oven. Leave to cool on rack. Start a load of laundry.

13. Make topping for dessert. Take laundry up to fold.

14. Throw your pajamas in the laundry. Take a long, hot shower with girlie beauty products, because you’re fancy like that. Put on a t-shirt, yoga pants, and hand knitted socks.

15. Warm up your coffee. Eat an almond butter and jelly sandwich.

16. Check Twitter and Facebook. Delete Black Friday and political emails. Play a few rounds of a game on Facebook.

17. Kiss Husband who has come up for lunch. Pet dog.

18. Kiss Boy who has decided to stumble downstairs in his sweatpants and sweatshirt.

19. Finish the coffee.

20. Clean up dessert mess in kitchen. Admire empty countertops. Start dishwasher. Prep vegetables for stuffing and sauce.

21. Mix stuffing together in a bowl. Spoon into a baking dish. Make sauce for turkey.

22. Place turkey pieces on top of stuffing. Pour sauce over everything. Stick in oven.

23. Pour a glass of sparkling water. Clear off dining room table, enlisting Husband’s help.

24. Kiss Husband on his way down to ride his bicycle trainer. Pet dog.

25. Set table for three. Use gold chargers and china, because you’re fancy like that. Wine glasses, too.

26. Check Twitter, and Facebook. Text your sisters and your mother.

27. Check turkey and stuffing. Lay out ingredients for green bean side dish so you don’t forget anything.

28. Find out what Boy is doing. Kiss Boy. Pet dog.

29. Slice canned cranberry jelly and arrange artfully on plate, because you’re fancy like that, and it’s Thanksgiving, so that’s what you do.

30. Open oven and smell how fabulous your tiny turkey dinner smells, and decide you want that turkey skin much, much darker.

31. Kiss Husband on his way up to shower. Take tiny turkey dinner out of the oven. Bask in your success.

32. Cook the green beans, dish everything into serving dishes, arrange on the dining room table, and take as many photos as you dare before it all gets cold.


33. Sit down with your tiny family and eat your tiny turkey dinner. Toast the day. Talk and laugh and smile.

34. Wash the china, with aid of Husband, but leave the rest. Overnight china is very sad-looking in the morning.

35. Have another glass of wine with Husband. Kiss Husband. Kiss Boy. Pet dog. Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. Sounds fabulous!



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