Flashback Friday: Refugees and Cincinnati Chili

When I wrote this a year ago, I had no idea we’d be where we are now as a nation. I am heartbroken that it is even more relevant today, instead of less.

Real Food Roads

The ethnic tapestry of the United States of America is intricately woven with threads of many, many countries. Most of those threads were added by refugees. Their reasons may have been religious, economic, or political, but they were all running for their lives to a country that has, since its beginnings, represented a safe,welcoming place, promising the freedom to start anew and prosper, with Liberty and Justice For All (albeit with a few notable exceptions). In 1903, these ideals were officially and indelibly woven into this tapestry when a plaque with a poem by Emma Lazarus was added to the Statue of Liberty pedestal:

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