Gingerbread with Caramel Oranges


(It’s cold, wet, and dark here in New Hampshire today, and I’m struggling a bit. If you know someone who struggles as the days get shorter, check in on them regularly as we progress through the difficult winter months ahead.)

This is the gingerbread from a few days ago, served with a caramel orange slice and sauce. It’s a recipe from Christopher Kimball’s new magazine, Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. The caramel sauce is easy and almost foolproof, and the ingredient list is deceptively short for the complexity of the flavor it produces. (Link to the recipe here.)

I suspected the oranges would be a unique companion for the gingerbread, and, happily, I was correct. The deep spiciness of the gingerbread is brightened by the orange, and the caramel sauce has just the right touch of citrusy bite to prevent the whole thing from being overly sweet.

Oranges are given as gifts at the Chinese New Year to bring love, and we can all use some more of that right now. I love the juxtaposition of the deep, dark gingerbread with the sunny slice of orange on top, a reminder that even the darkest night ends when the sun rises.

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