Mystical Monday: Kindness Cake


Last week was World Kindness Week.

I’d like a do-over.

So,  I started this week with a soup kitchen shift on World Kindness Day, Nov. 13. Today I am baking Kindness Cake. It’s a recipe I found on the website My Kitchen Wand. They sell lovely handmade beechwood cooking spoons, engraved with various designs, to inspire you in the kitchen, and aid you in cooking with intention.

According to the website, “The ingredients in Kindness Cakes represent major faith traditions and support the hope that out of respectful diversity comes something new, healthy and nurturing.”

The recipe makes two cakes, so you can keep one, and give one away as an act of kindness. I plan to give my extra cake to my in-laws, who just moved into a new home and have been in the midst of chaos for months.

I’m sure you can think of someone to give your extra cake to.

There are a lot of people in this country who could use some cake right now.

(Those are links to some places and people that need our support and commitment RIGHT NOW, just in case you decided not to click on them.)

World Kindness Week Do-Over, I’m calling it right now. Let’s get started.




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