Feed America Thanksgiving

It has been tougher to write today than it was yesterday, which surprised me a little when I sat down to post. I understand the reason now. I am not ready to “move on”, but I do want to move forward, to move through this, because “the best way out is always through” (Robert Frost), and it took some work to sort that out in my heart.

I thought about our American celebration of Thanksgiving (other countries have similar holidays; look it up yourself, this is becoming exhausting). I thought about what sort of meal I might prepare for my family, and how fortunate we are, seeing as we will have two dinners, one with the in-laws before they leave town to visit friends, and then another, smaller version on Thanksgiving, just the three of us. The privilege of this is staggering considering the poverty in this country.

There are many newly vulnerable populations in this country that will need our love, support, and protection in the coming year. But we cannot forget that, shamefully, in the wealthiest nation in the world, thousands and thousands of people go hungry every day, no matter who is in control of our government, no matter who is responsible.

On my desk awaits a letter from Feeding America. It’s a call for a donation to help provide Thanksgiving meals to 14 million families in this great nation of ours. The deadline is approaching, so I will be mailing my donation tomorrow, and it will be matched by a grant from Ameriprise Financial.

Please, help me start the march forward, lead the way through, and go to Feeding America today, and give whatever you can. You may think it’s not much, but it’s more than what they have right now, and it will help put one more meal on one more American table on one of our most cherished holidays. Let one American family know that they will no longer be ignored.

Comments? Thoughts? Share them here.

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