Pumpkin Spice This.

Well, that was an extended hiatus. Where you been?

By now, you have been to a few places where you may have seen a few products featuring the seasonal sensation “Pumpkin Spice”. You may have purchased and partaken of said products. You may have even read a few articles about pumpkin spice, that reveal the stunning secret: there is no pumpkin in pumpkin spice. You may have also heard the corollary secret: many of these products contain mountains of sugar.

Pumpkin spice is better known as pumpkin PIE spice, the combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and sometimes cloves and allspice, that makes pumpkin pie so much more than squash custard in a crust. But pumpkin pie is not the only place where these spices can work their magic. Oh, no, just ask the guys at Good Mythical Morning.

On second thought, let’s cruise the blog for some inspiration.

1.) Bacon. Yes, this is a glaze made with brown sugar, but I bet if you rubbed the spices into the bacon, and then baked it, that would be some mighty fine bacon.

2.) Pumpkin Soup. Substitute pumpkin pie spices for the curry powder, and you’ll have a warm bowl of autumn-flavored comfort.

3.) Muffins. Okay, so maybe this is a little on-the-nose, but these muffins are so good for your soul, both while they’re baking, and while you’re eating them.

4.) Cornbread. The recipe uses just cinnamon, but adding nutmeg, ginger, and cloves would transform this cornbread. It’s practically gingerbread at that point, really. As for the pumpkin part, I’m pretty sure you could spice up any cornbread recipe with these spices, pumpkin or not.

5.) Chili. Cinnamon, allspice, and cloves are all used in the regional favorite Cincinnati Chili, so why not try it in yours?

The spices (or let’s be real, their artificially flavored dopplegangers) commonly used to create all the super-trendy “Pumpkin Spice” products have been around for centuries, and been used in combination all over the world to add floral, earthy heat and zing to meats, soups, and desserts. They are versatile, they are probably in your kitchen right now, and they are waiting for you to love them in something not involving pumpkin.

Comments? Thoughts? Share them here.

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