Cleanse Leftovers: Salmon-Tuna Crostini

My quest to use up the leftovers from the Cleanse continues. Julia Child used to call it “feasting on the remains”. I love that.


These remains are leftover sherry vinaigrette, leftover salmon, and unused cans of tuna, that were on the Cleanse grocery list, and never used. (o_0)

I stripped the salmon from its skin, broke it up into chunks in a bowl, added two drained cans of tuna, and all the sherry vinaigrette. I mixed that together gently, checked for seasoning, and finished the mixture off with lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper.


I heaped that salmon-tuna salad atop slices of a French baguette that I drizzled with olive oil on both sides, and topped them with a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. The crostini spent about 35 minutes in a 350F-degree oven, until the cheese had browned lightly, and the whole kitchen smelled heavenly.


The tuna helped keep the salmon from tasting oily, and the vinaigrette kept both fishes from drying out. The crostini were lightly toasted, with a bit of crunch, and I felt very fancy eating them. The Husband displayed his approval by eating quite a few, and exclaiming, “Yum.”

They are nestled alongside my second try at Celery Root and Meyer Lemon Salad from the Cleanse menu. My suspicions were correct about this recipe; you really need to make it with Meyer lemons to get the proper flavor. Conventional lemons made a sorry substitute. I also broke out the mandoline to properly julienne the celery root, and I’m glad I did. The texture was also better this time around. This salad was great with the scallops last week, and it was great with the crostini, so I’m pretty sure it’d be a winner with any seafood it’s paired with.

The clean-out quest continues. Next up, a giant pot of vegetables, but it’s not what you think.

  1. The celery root is decidedly better with Meyer lemons. Much more lemon flavor, without being acidic.



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