Bon Appetit’s Food Lover’s Cleanse Days 8 and 9

Due to the day getting away from me yesterday, and some of the last two days’ meals being repeats, I am combining these two days into one post.

Saturday’s dinner was spectacular.


This is Sundubu with Clams and Tofu. It is a Korean tofu soup, with mushrooms, gochujang, and clams. It reminded me of miso soup, only it’s more like miso soup on steroids, because the gochujang adds so much smoky flavor, and the mushrooms and clams add depth. It wasn’t as spicy hot as I expected, but that was fine, because any more heat would have overpowered the other flavors. It was to be served with a bowl of Black Rice with Coconut, but to keep things simple for myself, I served the soup with the rice in the same bowl, and garnished the whole thing with the toasted coconut flakes. This created a hearty, warming, balanced soup that The Husband and I ate up very quickly. I will definitely be making this one again. It was quick and easy to prepare, with very little effort for such amazing flavor.

Breakfast Sunday was Oatmeal with Cacao Nibs and Figs, and I was out of the house all day so I didn’t even eat lunch. I skipped right to a sliced pear and chèvre for a snack, and then on to dinner.


This is Sea Scallops with Celery Root and Meyer Lemon Salad, and Garlicky Bok Choy. Well, that is what it was supposed to be, but there wasn’t a Meyer lemon to be had, so I switched to the alternative recipe using a conventional lemon. I will have to make this again using Meyer lemons, because I think something’s lost in the translation here. The sweetness and citrusy fruitiness of the Meyer lemons was missing. I also did not julienne the celery root as finely as I perhaps should have, so this one is getting a do-over, as soon as I can lay hands on some Meyer lemons. The dish was wonderful anyway, just not quite as wonderful as it might have been. The scallops play well with both the lemon and the garlic, and the vegetables had lots of crunchy texture to compliment the tender scallops. I had not eaten celery root raw before, and found it pleasantly crunchy and astringent.

Breakfast today was Scrambled Eggs with Caramelized Onions and Chèvre, I ate lunch out of the house today, and I snacked on a hard-boiled egg with furikake, because it needed to be eaten, it was fast, and it was exactly what I wanted.

Dinner tonight is two new recipes that sound intriguing, and breakfast tomorrow is really out of my comfort zone. I will report back tomorrow.

  1. Two dishes definitely worthy of more practice. :-9



  2. […] are nestled alongside my second try at Celery Root and Meyer Lemon Salad from the Cleanse menu. My suspicions were correct about this recipe; you really need to make it with Meyer lemons to get the proper flavor. Conventional lemons made a […]



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