Bon Appetit’s Food Lover’s Cleanse Day 7

Week one of the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse is behind me, and I can report three things:

1.) Cooking like this every night is a bit tiring. I think the plan should have a leftover night or two built into it. Some recipes make a lot more than what I would say is “4 servings”, and some of them make just enough for adding to a lunch salad the next day. I am halving some of the recipes to alleviate the leftover issue.

2.) My overall energy level is higher, and my brain fog has lifted. That feels really good. Whether these outcomes can be attributed to this week’s food or not is debatable. The holidays are over, the house is clean and less cluttered, and I have less day-to-day things to worry about, so that could also explain my feeling better.

3.) I have been enjoying all the unfamiliar ingredients. This week has been a great guided tour of the “I should try that” list of foods that I carry around in my head. I am also pleased to be thinking once again in terms of eating mostly plants. That being said, I am also jonesing for bread, potatoes, and cheese. It is winter in New England after all.


Last night’s dinner was Bistro Salad with Roasted Vegetables, and Millet Tabbouleh. I made half-recipes of these two, to serve just The Husband and I. Salads are not The Boy’s favorite things. They made enough for two huge salads, or one huge salad for The Husband and one smaller salad for me with a bit left over. Both salads came together very quickly and easily, so this would be a good go-to on a busy evening, as long as you’re quick with a knife.

Millet is a pretty decent substitute for bulgur in tabbouleh. This recipe had the expected large herby component of parsley and mint, plus scallions, radishes and lemon juice to keep it light.

Breakfast this morning, Scrambled Eggs with Caramelized Onions and Chèvre, was also very quick and easy,


and it doesn’t look like it has a lot going for it, but it kept me going until the afternoon, when I improvised another salad, using salad greens, barley, the bits of leftover Carrot Salad, Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce, and the intended snack of a hard-boiled egg, all dressed with a little Sherry Vinaigrette. The recipe for the Big Batch of Caramelized Onions made, well, a big batch of deeply browned, richly flavored onions that would be perfect in a lot of dishes, and were quite welcome on top of the scrambled eggs.

It’s almost time to make dinner. It’s a good thing, because I’m getting hungry. Week two begins.


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