Taking Care of Myself

The Challenge: Choose any city in North America. Prepare a meal of at least three courses, with at least one course from each of the following centuries: 1600’s, 1800’s, 1900’s. Use mid-century as your time reference. As before, you can only use ingredients that were available in the city you choose, at the time you choose for the dish. If you choose a city that didn’t exist in all 3 centuries, use ingredients available to the closest human population at the time. Bonus points for finding dishes that were popular with the population at the time.

Also, help coordinate your worship community’s Holiday Fair at the same time.

Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

After much thought, I chose the city of New Orleans. In my ongoing research for this challenge, I have discovered many things  I did not know, which isn’t hard, considering my understanding of New Orleans culture comes from TV commercials and Anne Rice novels. I can’t wait to get started on this meal, but I have to, because the Holiday Fair waits for no one.

So instead, because I’ve missed my blog terribly, a bit of reflection…

I have written here many times about my personal struggle with weight loss. Yet, I know if you know me or saw me out and about wherever you are, you would probably tell me I look fine. So, you know what?

That’s what I’m telling myself. I am a mother, and a woman of a certain age (o_0), and my body looks exactly how it’s supposed to look.

Eating food that helps me stay active and keeps my body healthy is not “a diet”. It is self-care.

Walking my friend Luna is not “getting exercise”. It gets me out of the house, and out of my head. It is self-care.

Having a glass of red wine while I watch The Walking Dead (because, zombies!!) is not an indulgence. It is self-care.

Deciding I don’t have to weigh myself every week, to carry around a number in my head that does a number on my self-worth, is not avoidance. It is self-care.

So, I am going to keep working on this Holiday Fair thang, until it’s done. I am going to keep working on my three-course meal from New Orleans, until it’s done. I am going to keep drinking red wine, and eating chocolate, while I do these things. I will take care of these things, and I will take care of myself.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  1. So good to see your blog again…and to see your very healthy outlook on food. I threw out my scale in my late twenties. Won’t have one in the house…but sometimes I sneak a peak when I’m at a friend’s house…I’m curious but not obsessed. Thanks for your uplifting blog. Keep doing what you please…life is too short to stress a few pounds here and there!!! Love your recipes and food adventures!



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