Guess What Day It Was?

Yesterday was Pi Day. You probably heard.

IMG_4154 First up, at 9:26 am, there were lovely buttermilk pancakes, Canadian bacon slices, and scrambled eggs cooked in a round mold. Hello, sriracha pi!

IMG_4165Next up were round snacks! Eggplant hummus, made with broiled eggplant from the freezer, was a creamy, earthy reminder of what’s to come when summer finally gets here. The hummus was served with round crackers, and alongside were tasty pepperroni pizza rounds. I cut a ready-made pizza crust with a round cutter, and topped with the tiniest bit of sauce, one pepperoni slice and a pearl of fresh mozzarella.

IMG_4166Dinner was Shepherd’s Pie. I hadn’t made this in a while, so it was a surprise and a treat for everyone. Sometimes simple is better. Ground beef, corn, peas, grated carrots, onions, garlic, with a topping of buttermilk mashed potatoes. What’s not to love?

IMG_4171Last, the mint chip ice cream, chocolate sandwich cookie, pie. This was a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, and really, the only part that is recipe-ish is the crust, and then only just barely. Grind cookies in food processor, add melted butter, press crumbs into pan, bake, cool, carefully spread in softened ice cream, refreeze. Eat.

Lots of fun, and so, so, simple. Easy as Pi.

  1. How fun! And delicious I am sure!



  2. Mmmmmm…. Pi…
    A day of nothing but round food, and It was all good (as always)!



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