Blizzaahdah Blueberries

I mentioned in my last post that it was unlikely a bear in New Hampshire would come upon blueberries in the winter.

IMG_4028Luckily, I am not a bear.

IMG_4046These are high-bush blueberries we picked and froze in July. July……aaaah.

IMG_4035These are wild blueberries, frozen during the late summer, in anticipation of the coming winter.

IMG_4029Winter is coming, or perhaps I should say wintah is comin’.

IMG_4049IMG_4050IMG_4051IMG_4056IMG_4052One could argue wintah is already heah.

Time for those blueberries.

IMG_4039IMG_4043These are America’s Test Kitchen’s British-Style Scones, with wild blueberries substituted for the currants, and half and half substituted for the whole milk, and a quick little wild blueberry jam. I was considering making a blueberry pie next, but I don’t have enough flour. So that will have to wait until after the blizzard. There was a time, when The Boy was small, that he would eat frozen blueberries by the bowlful all winter long, but that’s not as common these days, so I have plenty of blueberries to play with. Tomorrow there will be a lot of digging out to do; whole grain blueberry pancakes and bacon would probably fuel that work quite nicely.

Let it snow.

  1. Yes, yes they will. :-))))))



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