Hearts’ Desires

IMG_3981Today’s soundtrack: Rush – 2112, made possible by the extra electrical outlet The Husband put in the new prep nook.

I was asked by several people what I would cook first in my new kitchen. I had no answer, even after giving it a lot of thought, looking for something poetic or romantic or sentimental. Then the answer hit me right over the head; whatever the family wants to eat.

The Husband asked for a roast chicken; we had that for dinner this week. Both The Husband and The Boy asked for pie. The Husband wants pecan; The Boy wishes for a pumpkin pie. I happened to have a pumpkin that needed baking; how fortuitous!

IMG_3985Both have also requested cookies; sugar cookie dough rests in the refrigerator, awaiting cutting and decorating. In addition, the cookie jar is chock-full of chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal crunchies.

IMG_3978IMG_3984IMG_3987IMG_3990Luna’s reclaimed her place in the kitchen, too; cleaning up every essence of every crumb of everything I cook.

IMG_3995Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, which the three of us celebrate together with fondue, both dinner and dessert. New Year’s Day, The In-Laws will join us for a feast of ham, stewed red cabbage and apples, and leek potato soup. I’m back in my kitchen, cooking for my family, and all is right in our little corner of the world.

  1. Chocolate chip, crunchies and pie! Oh my!



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