My Exile Has Ended!

IMG_3969The countertops have been installed at last! They are from Curava, made with recycled glass and crushed seashells. They look exactly like I hoped they would, and I’ve been walking on air since the installers left this morning.

IMG_3967IMG_3973IMG_3966The return to the kitchen has already begun. I’ve moved all the temporary kitchen setup back into the kitchen, and installed most of the shelves and drawers. The Husband will be plumbing in the sink and dishwasher tonight, and then the unpacking begins in earnest. A ridiculous amount of cooking will soon follow.

Merry Christmas to all!



  1. I feel your pain. Really, I do. (I’ve been chopping on 3/4-inch plywood for almost 3 years … until the past couple of weeks.) — Beautiful countertops! I’ve not heard of Curava until now. I went over to the company’s website. That stuff is really neat!


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