Gone, Baby, Gone.

IMG_3880What’s behind Curtain Number 3? A lot less than there was two weeks ago, when you last heard from me. After two weeks of feverishly cooking the rest of the fresh vegetables, freezing whatever seemed microwavable, a wedding, a short getaway for the family, and the final emptying of cabinets and countertops, it has begun.

IMG_3875IMG_3873After the first day of demolition, this is what remained. The countertops and cabinets came out very easily. The soffit proved to be our first surprise; rather than a flimsy, decorative construction, we discovered a well-framed, heavy-duty box that was hung in place and then covered with drywall. It took a little more work than expected to remove it.

IMG_3884IMG_3883The next day, the soffit was removed. The next step is drywall replacement. Along with the areas where the soffit was, some drywall in the sink and dishwasher area must be replaced due to water damage. This did not surprise us. The masonry company is coming on Friday to rip out the brick barbecue you can see in the photos. That should be interesting.

IMG_3877IMG_3878IMG_3879This is our kitchenette in the dining room. I will be washing dishes in the downstairs bathtub, drying and stashing them back in the plastic tub that holds the dishware.

It’s a brave new world.

I will update you on our progress. Should be fun.

  1. Saws-all make everything go away…



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