CSA Share #13 – Emptying Boxes, Filling Boxes, Boxes of Boxes

IMG_3829It’s officially fall, according to the calendar, and the share definitely reflects that, with the spaghetti and butternut squashes, onions, and potatoes. Although the baby greens, bell peppers, and radishes seem to say summer, they really are signs of the end of the growing season, with its cooler nights and shorter days. I brought home some tiny hot peppers, too. You can see them sitting prettily atop the spaghetti squash. They can be frozen whole, and sliced up for winter soups, stews, and chilis.

IMG_3836I am slowly emptying the kitchen cabinets, carefully placing their contents into banana boxes, strategically packing the boxes so they are not too heavy for me to lift, and placing heavy boxes on the bottom of the stacks, and lighter ones on top to prevent damage. It’s almost like moving, but not as labor-intensive because the protective padding needed is minimal, since the boxes are just sitting in the office until it’s time to unpack and move into the new kitchen, moving our belongings from one box to another, and eventually another.

IMG_3838The office floor is filling up as the kitchen empties. This is a dead giveaway that the next room in need of a makeover may be the office, seeing as I can fill it with boxes and no one is inconvenienced in the least.

IMG_3840When I told The Boy the boxes of cabinets were down in the garage, he asked if he could help assemble them, which is a dead giveaway that we have a lot of storage “furniture” that required assembly. I clarified that the cabinets were fully assembled, and ready to hang in the kitchen, and he got the look on his face that means a great witticism is imminent, and replied, “So you’re saying we have boxes of boxes down in the garage.” Boxes of boxes. That about covers it.

IMG_3844I thought you might like a sneak peek. This is the corner wall cabinet. I love it. The cabinets were very well-packaged, shipped and delivered without any damage, and the order is complete and correct. Shenandoah Cabinets, through Lowe’s, in case you wanted to know. We are very happy with the experience so far.

There are two more share pick-up days left in the CSA season. That is a dead giveaway that autumn is here, and that winter is coming. With any luck, and with some hard work, sweat, and a sense of humor and adventure, winter’s cooking will be done in a place of beauty and efficiency, otherwise known as my new kitchen.

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