CSA Share #11: Stuff’s Getting Real

IMG_3764This week’s share is kind of confusing. It’s definitely summer’s last gasp, with a little bit of fall mixed in. There’s lettuce, which was a real surprise, and broccolini, representing early summer. Then there’s peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, basil and scallions, which are summer’s most glorious vegetables, except for maybe corn and zucchini. Finally, there’s cabbage, carrots, watermelon, kale and onions, which bring fall flavors to mind. The lettuce went immediately into the salad spinner, because we’ve had some hot, humid days lately which call for supper salads. The carrots, onions and cabbage went into long-term storage, and then there’s the rest…

All the while, preparations are truly underway for the kitchen renovation. The cabinets are in production, and could arrive here in as little as 2-3 weeks. I’ve been online choosing new appliances, and we’ve made a list of demolition tasks, to try and get this project under some sort of control. It’s one thing to dream and envision the “perfect” kitchen; it’s another thing (or actually about 35 other things) to tackle it and wrestle it into reality.  You’re probably familiar with the Thomas Edison quote, “Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.” While saying the new kitchen will be “genius” is a little bit much, I do think it’s going to be pretty damn nice, both pretty to look at and fun to play in. But there’s that 99% ahead of us first. Here are some “before” photos, and yep, the kitchen is untidy, this is a food blog, how do you think that happens? Besides, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with your makeover “before” photos – make sure they look grim and drab? ;)

IMG_3790So, here we are. The soffit above the wall cabinets is being removed along with the cabinets. I’ve always wanted a space above the cabinets for pretty things, and general storage space. Also, all this white? It’s kind of nuts, all these white surfaces in a room where one plays with things that splatter, splash, and stain. Also, mud season. Begone, white kitchen.

IMG_3792This wall is getting a big makeover.  We are making room for a larger refrigerator, by shortening the cabinets just a bit, and removing the indoor barbecue – yes, you heard me – indoor barbecue – that by the look of it has never, actually, been used by anyone who has owned this house. Well, not for barbecue, anyway; I use it for cast iron pot and pan storage. It’s built into the actual chimney, so we will be hiring a masonry company to do this for us. That will be an interesting couple of days.

IMG_3794The biggest change here will be switching to propane gas for cooking, and getting a gas range. I am looking forward to this very much. Heat control is much easier on a gas cooktop than an electric one, and I’ve always liked cooking with gas better than electric. We have to have a propane tank and line installed to do this, so we are leaving this one to the experts as well. It won’t be very complicated to do, but this work requires an inspection, so it will take more time than it should, I imagine.

IMG_3795IMG_3793White wall. White floor. See above comments about how I feel concerning a white kitchen. The wall color hasn’t been chosen yet, but I have some ideas. The floor tile has been purchased.

IMG_3799The floor tile is self-stick vinyl, and not white. We are fully capable of installing this. With the floor tile in this photo are the backsplash tile, and a countertop sample. The backsplash tile has been purchased, and we will be installing this, too. The countertop has to be done completely by the countertop company, to preserve the warranty, and well, I’m completely happy to let them take care of it. The backsplash will be the only remaining white surface, but easy to keep clean, and mostly behind appliances and what-not on the counter. The cabinets will be a honey-colored wood, so I wanted the countertop and backsplash to be lighter, and somewhat light-reflective. Otherwise, the kitchen could turn into a culinary cave, especially during the long, dark, winter. Who wants that?

Look at me sitting here blogging when there’s packing to do. Time to fill up those banana boxes with all the bits and bobs I can’t bear to part with, and part with the ones I can, and prepare for the (hopefully) organized chaos. Someone remind me to breathe.

  1. Congrats on a new kitchen! You deserve to have the place in which you create be just as fabulous as all of your culinary creations. So excited for you!



    1. Thank you! I look forward to my first meal cooked (and blogged) in my new kitchen.



  2. Now where did I leave that sledgehammer…



    1. Robert Irvine is NOT invited. :P



  3. Breathe. :-)



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