Ottolenghi: Quinoa and Grilled Sourdough Salad

IMG_3770It’s funny that this salad’s name doesn’t include tomatoes, because their quality will make or break it, but it’s in the Tomatoes section of Plenty, so I guess that’s a hint.

Of the recipes I’ve tried so far, this one is the least adventurous. However, it is still packed with herby tomato flavor, and the quinoa and croutons provide chewy, crunchy textures for a pleasant contrast to the juicy tomatoes. There’s a bit of cucumber and red onion too, for more contrast in texture and flavor. As with many vegetable-herb salads, the flavor strengthens as it sits, and it really comes into its fullness at room temperature. If you want a gateway recipe into this cookbook, this is the one. This link takes you to Ottolenghi’s website for the list of ingredients. Putting this salad together couldn’t be easier, and if you toast the sourdough bread in the oven on a cooler day ahead of time, it’s an almost no-cook salad for a hot, humid late summer day. After prepping the sourdough croutons, and cooking, rinsing, and draining the quinoa, it’s only a chop and dump and stir between you and dinner. Great when being in the kitchen is like being in a sauna fully clothed and smelling of onions.

I opened a can of oil-packed tonno tuna to top this salad, and The Husband and I were both well-fed and happy campers. I can also see a poached egg sitting atop a great mound of this salad making my mouth water. As a matter of fact, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I may need to make this salad a few more times in the next month, while tomatoes are at their sweet, juicy, summery best, and I suggest you get with it, too, because it really will be a pale shadow of itself made with winter tomatoes. Winter is coming. Tomatoes are going. Eat them, now.

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