CSA Share #9 – True Blood is Red, The Doctor is Blue, Sookie Stackhouse, What Will We Do Without You?


Fall is starting to creep into the share, with the appearance of spaghetti squash. Those went straight down to the basement to save for later. They keep well down there, because it’s dry and cool but not cold, and they don’t sit in direct sunlight. The rest of the share is still quite summery, with more eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, basil, jalapenos, cucumbers, green beans, kale, and scallions. Look at those crazy huge scallions! Oh, there’s kohlrabi, onions, purple peppers, and husk tomatoes (ground cherries), too.

This week’s cooking had me preoccupied with mass vegetable destruction (see my last post), and two television events: the new season of Doctor Who, with a brandy-new Doctor, and the series finale of one of my favorite shows, True Blood. True Blood ran for 7 wonderful years, and never failed to surprise and amaze me. It remained totally unpredictable, all the way to the end last night. I will miss it terribly, and I might have to binge-watch it again from the very beginning.


These are little TARDIS cakes for Doctor Who. Google it. These took me a couple of days, but they were worth it. Fun and tasty!


Here’s our meal for the True Blood Finale: Red meat, red potatoes (the pink ones I told you about), red wine, and a red velvet cupcake to share. I fixed the wine label, too; I changed Bonterra Merlot to Bon Temps Merlotte’s. Had to be done. Thanks for a fabulous, bloody ride, True Blood. You won’t be forgotten.

Kitchen Update: The cabinets have been ordered! (Wow. Such a grown-up thing to do, ordering cabinets. It’s a bit intimidating.) Time to empty the old to make room for the new, which reminds me, we have one less tv show to record. That leaves space for a new one…hmmm.

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