CSA Share #8 – Yes, We Have No Bananas, But We Have Boxes!


This week’s share is a brilliant example of summer’s bounty of colors, textures, and flavors. It’s a remarkable time of year to cook, maybe too remarkable, because my head is simply swimming with ideas. I see the multi-colored tomatoes and jalapeno peppers, and think of salsa. I see the squash and eggplant, and visions of ratatouille dance in my head. Broccolini is a pleasant surprise at this time of year, a result of the cool summer we’re having. The green beans are two different varieties; big, plump light green ones both sturdy enough to add to soup and tender enough to blanch, salt, and devour, and tiny dark green haricot verts, delicate and tender, meant for the least amount of cooking possible. Kohlrabi, green peppers, cucumbers, and kale are dependable old friends, but what’s that in the bowl at the bottom of the photo?

Those are ground cherries, a.k.a husk tomatoes. They are the newcomers of the bunch, the adventure that awaits. They are in the nightshade family with tomatoes and eggplant, but they are not a savory morsel, no; they are sweet and fruity, and somewhat confounding upon first taste. They do not taste like one would expect, with their resemblance to tomatoes or tomatillos. They are really sweet, like a berry, with no astringency or strong acidity like their cousins. They pop with flavor in your mouth like little balloons of sunshine. The traditional uses of ground cherries are pies and jelly, but I don’t have enough of them to do either, so I’m going to have to get creative with them. Stay tuned.


These are banana boxes. No, there are no bananas, but soon, these boxes will be full of my kitchen toys. The supermarket gave me 21 of these bad boys; I’m pretty sure I’ll fill most of them, and I’m also sure some of them will be leaving the house, destined for the thrift store, full of toys I haven’t played with in years, that have been lurking in the back of the cabinets since who knows when. What an opportunity this is, to completely reorganize my cabinets.


This unassuming stack is the vinyl floor tiles and mosaic backsplash tiles. We bought them before we really needed them for installation, but we didn’t want them to be discontinued or out of stock when the time finally comes. They will be sitting here for a while. I can’t wait to see them in place; they are going to make a huge impact on the whole look of the kitchen.

Life is about to get very interesting, in more ways than one. I can’t wait to share it with you.

  1. Mmmmm…. ratatouille….



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