All Good Things

The Bruins’ loss to the Canadiens last night still stings, and I am not proud of the way the Bruins went out. They are a better team and organization than that. They will have to wait till next season to redeem themselves.

At least we ate well.


Game 5’s dinner was a nod to the greasy kid stuff you could get at a hockey game-chili dog cups. I know, there’s a lot of lovely fresh vegetables on that plate, but the chili dog cup is just as messy and marvelous as one you’d get at any stadium.


It started with hot dog buns rolled flat into dough-like sheets, and placed in a muffin tin sprayed with cooking spray (h/t Melissa D’Arabian). They were brushed with oil, and baked in a 375 deg. F oven for ten minutes, until lightly toasted.


Then they were filled with a combination of cocktail weenies and spicy chili, topped with a bit of American cheese, and baked in the oven until hot and melty.

Last night was Game 7, and Game 7s are extraordinary, so dinner needed to be extraordinary, too. Too bad the Bruins were not extraordinary.


These are lobster ravioli served in a tomato cup, topped with a tomato cream sauce and Parmesan cheese. The whole package went under the broiler to soften the tomato and brown the cheese.


These are ravioli in progress. I used egg roll wrappers, cut into quarters, for the ravioli wrappers, and the filling is lobster, with wilted spinach and shallots, and mascarpone.


The ravioli are resting after their swim in the hot tub. They were the perfect fusion of delicate flavors and textures, as well as the fusion of Boston’s Italian, Chinese, and seafood offerings. I pulled it all together for Game 7. Too bad the Bruins did not.

All right, on to the next adventure. I hope you try some of these “cup” foods, even if you aren’t watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I will keep watching, in the hope that the Montreal Canadiens have their rear ends handed to them by someone. But the cooking will move on to bigger and better things. It’s only a month until our first CSA pickup, and I am really looking forward to the fresh, fresh, fresh flavors of summer. See you again soon on the Road.

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