Not With a Bang, But a Whimper


I had such high hopes for the “Bacon Brunch” trio of recipes in the Bacon issue of Food Network Magazine, but while the dishes were tasty, they weren’t very bacony. Here you have Chicken and Bacon Waffles, Waldorf Slaw with Bacon, and a Smoky Bloody Mary. I matched these up with some sauteed Swiss chard greens to sort of keep with the southern theme. What’s not to like about chicken and waffles, really? But these recipes promised a bacon boost, and it just didn’t come through. If I made these again I would add more bacon to the waffle batter and the Waldorf salad. The Bloody Mary wasn’t anything to write home about. I’ve had better.

So the bacon journey comes to an end, and just in time, because it’s time for


The Bruins first home playoff game is on right now, and I’m slamming this post out during the first intermission. In order to prevent unwanted weight gain, but still root hard for the Boston Bruins, I’ve lightened up the game food a bit. This year’s theme is “cup” food, that is, foods from Boston’s neighborhoods, served in some type of cup. So tonight’s dinner, simple and sweet, is clam chowder in a bread “cup”, with a cold glass of Sam Adams Boston Lager.


Let’s Go Bruins!!!!

The second period is starting, so I will see you later, on down the Stanley Cup Road.

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